This shows all the logs of Khaniversal Studios. If you did anything on the day or find anything, please add it on there.




First movie, The Adventure of the Ellipse, started.


Keep on working on the movie. Finished lots of formats such as: movie theater, ticket, home, ad, rules, and logo.


Khaniversal Studios Wiki made.

Khaniversal Studios headquarters made, and is being updated. Headquarter link here.

Royce joined. Profile link here.


Rhiana joined. Profile link here.

Hades joined. Profile link here.

Leif joined. Profile link here.


Monkey joined. Profile link here.

The 1st official chat box was made. Chat box link here.

The important reminders tab was made. Reminder tab link here.

The 1st The Adventure of the Ellipse forum was made. Forum link here.

Contact post for John Lee was made. Post link here.


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